how to cancel fabletics vip membership subscription uk

How To Cancel Fabletics VIP Membership UK

Looking to cancel your Fabletics UK subscription? See below for the steps to cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Fabletics VIP Membership in the UK

In order to cancel your Fabletics VIP membership, you need to call their customer service team on 020 36953 831, or contact them via live chat or by visiting your “My Account” page.

Can you cancel the Fabletics VIP membership without calling? Yes you can. You can contact the customer service team via their live chat functionality or by visiting your “My account” page to cancel your membership.

There is no minimum contract period so you can cancel at any time.

What is Fabletics?

Fabletics is an activewear manufacturer and retailer only selling it’s own-branded active clothing. As part of the new industry of fashion meets gymwear, Fabletics has grown since 2013.

What is Fabletics VIP membership? This is where you subscribe and get access to exclusive discounts and new clothing lines, often at sharply discounted rates compared to their normal retail price (only available to non-members). Typically, they say the discounts are between 20-50%. This is the membership that costs money to sign up to on a monthly basis, however, you can easily cancel as we’ve illustrated above. There is no minimum contract term.

How To Stay On Top of Monthly Subscriptions

If you’re on this page, you’re likely giving your finances a spring clean. Great to see! Here at The Mindful Money Project, we’re big supporters of giving your finances a regular spring clean. Like clearing subscriptions you no longer use or get enough value from like you’re doing today.

How do you find the subscriptions to cancel?

Simply download your last month’s transactions from your bank and tag up the transactions you recognise as being recurring payments.

Not interested in doing the manual work? I don’t blame you! Instead, try downloading one of the leading budgeting apps such as Plum*, Snoop* or Emma*. These apps connect to your bank account and will automatically flag any recurring subscriptions you have.

You can then run through this list and cut any you no longer use or need. Potentially saving you hundreds of pounds a year!

*Any links with an asterisk may be affiliate links. Even though we may receive a payment if you use this link to sign up for the service, it does not influence our editorial content and we remain independent. The views expressed are based on our own experience and analysis of the service.

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