how to cancel weight watchers subscription uk

How To Cancel Weight Watchers (WW) Subscription UK

Bored of your subscription and looking to cancel? We’ll show you how to cancel your Weight Watchers subscription (UK) in the easy steps below.

How To Cancel Weight Watchers (WW) Subscription UK

In order to cancel your Weight Watchers (WW) subscription in the UK, you can cancel by:

  • Using live chat with your online coach – press the “Chat with a coach” button on your app or on the website
  • Or call their customer service team on 0345 345 1500
  • Or go through their self-service cancellation link here
  • Or email them on

Before you cancel, WW have a handy page showing you all the options here.

What is Weight Watchers (WW)?

Weight Watchers, now known as WW, is a weight loss programme incorporating a range of plans, recipe programmes and support workshops/groups (depending on the plan and subscription you choose).

How To Stay On Top Of Your Subscriptions

The fact you are here shows you’re already doing this, which is great to see!

However, running through your subscriptions on a regular basis is a brilliant way to easily save hundreds (if not thousands) of pounds per year.

To identify all of your monthly subscriptions, you can run through your bank statement and tag up any transactions that repeat month to month.

But there is an easier way.

Download one of the top budgeting apps. We recommend Emma*, Plum* and Snoop*. These apps automatically categorise your transactions and will flag any monthly subscriptions.

With this list, you’ll be able to run through and cancel any that you no longer use or need.

Doing this will only take around 30 minutes but can save you hundreds of pounds per year (potentially thousands depending on how many subscriptions you have!). You’d be hard-pressed to find a better return on your time than that.

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