how to cancel the gym group

How to cancel The Gym membership

Sick of the gym or found a better option? Nice. Most gyms are an absolute ballache to cancel, however, The Gym membership is easy peasy to cancel. Let’s find out how…

How to cancel The Gym membership

Have you joined within the last 14 days?

If so, you are still within the cooling off period. You can cancel by either:

  • Emailing them at
  • Or contact them via the member area (using the email that you used during the online joining process and the unique personal identification number (PIN) that you were sent)

However, note that they may be a charge for how many days you have already “used” since your membership start date.

Did you join longer than 14 days ago?

You can cancel your membership at any time by:

  • cancelling your direct debit mandate or recurring card payment directly with your bank

You should be able to cancel your direct debit easily using your banks online portal.

For example, I use Halifax and I am able to navigate to the section “Direct Debit and Standing Orders” and can easily cancel my direct debit to The Gym.

Note that no refunds will be given for unused periods and by default your access is revoked immediately (doesn’t seem fair, does it?). To retain access for the remainder of your billing period, go to their FAQ page and press the speech bubble in the bottom right corner to be able to send their support team a message – alternatively fill in the form on their contact page.

For the full details on their cancellation policy, see their section titled “Ending your Membership” on their membership agreement.


Can I continue to go to The Gym after cancelling my membership (direct debit)?

No. Once you have cancelled your direct debit they will restrict your access. However, contact their member services team by submitting the form here and they’ll reinstate your access until your end date.

How do I cancel The Gym membership subscription?

Cancel your direct debit directly with your bank.

Can I cancel The Gym subscription any time?

Yes, there is no contract period.

Will I get a refund for any unused time when I cancel The Gym membership?

No. They state in their member agreement they don’t refund any unused billing periods. Make sure you message them to reinstate your PIN access until your last billing period is up to make sure you get maximum value for your money.

Can I freeze my membership at The Gym?

Yes. You’ll be able to freeze your account in the members area on their website (once you’ve logged in). This will cost you £5 per month though but it means that if you want to rejoin you don’t need to pay a joining fee. Note that if you’re expecting to freeze it for multiple months (i.e more than 4 if the joining fee is £20) then it could be cheaper to just quit and rejoin when you’re ready.

I always bang on about looking long and hard at your subscriptions. It is such an easy way to save some serious cash over the space of a year. Normally without any impact on your lifestyle. If you’re looking for a little bit of extra cash each month, check out my top tips for making easy and painless savings.

I hope you found this helpful on how to cancel The Gym membership by The Gym Group. Hopefully you haven’t had any horror stories, but drop a comment in the comments section below if there is anything helpful that I’ve missed that I should add..

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