how to cancel homeserve uk

How To Cancel Homeserve UK

Looking to cancel your monthly Homeserve Plan in the UK? Look no further, we’ve spelt out the exact steps you need to take below.

What Is Homeserve?

Homeserve is a home assistance and repairs provider, providing support to homeowners and landlords to fix issues with their plumbing, heating and electrics. They’ve been in business for over 25 years and have a range of monthly plans that cover you for certain or specific issues to do with your house.

How To Cancel Homeserve Plan (UK)

If you’re looking to cancel your Homeserve plan, then the best way to cancel is to call their customer service team on 0330 0247 002 and explain you would like to cancel.

Before you call, try to find your policy/plan number first to speed up the process of finding your account and verifying your identity.

Don’t want to call customer service? You can also cancel by writing to the following address. When you write, ensure you include your name, address and policy/plan number.

Customer Administration Department
HomeServe Membership Limited
Cable Drive

How To Stay On Top of Monthly Subscriptions

By running through your monthly subscriptions regularly and only keeping the ones that you benefit from or use consistently is a good way to give your personal finances a regular spring clean.

How do I do this?

Download your last month’s worth of transactions from your bank and tag up any transaction which you know to be a regular subscription payment.

Not interested in doing it manually? I don’t blame you! Luckily there are lots of apps which can help. Try one of the best budgeting and spend tracking apps in either Snoop*, Plum* or Emma*. These connect to your bank accounts via Open Banking and will automatically categorise your transactions. They’ll also flag any regular subscriptions.

This will allow you to run through the list and cancel any that you either don’t use or is not worth the money in your eyes.

If you had 10 subscriptions you’ve cancelled for £30 each, you’ve just saved yourself £3,600 per year!

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