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Wonderbill Review: A Tool To Finally Get On Top Of Your Bills?

Ah bills, bills, bills. I feel like we should extend the saying “the only certainties in life are death and taxes” to also include bills. Whilst bills are hella boring, they are also extremely essential. They also pose a damn good opportunity to make some easy savings. But only if we are able to get organised and check regularly for cheaper market rates. Staying on top of all of the end dates and usage data is a drag manually, but can an app do it for you? We’ll find out whether Wonderbill is the magic bullet in this Wonderbill review.

Wonderbill Review Summary

Recommended for: Households with more than 5 regular utilities/recurring bills who want a simple app to manage their bills, but nothing more.
Platform available: iOS and Android

Ease of use
Platform availability

The good:

  • Timesaver by aggregating all of your bills in one place
  • Notifications when nearing contract end date (linked accounts only)
  • Timeline of payments helps you manage cash
  • Wonderbill manage any energy switch

The bad:

  • Can’t be used as a full budgeting and spend tracking app as only captures your connected bills (or manually entered regular payments)
  • No ability to set the contract end date for manual bills

Wonderbill is a very specific app. It is designed to help you manage your bills. Track bills, plan the dates of payments and alert you when you can switch to a better deal. For these uses, it is a handy, if not simplistic, personal finance companion to help you bring down your household costs in these key areas. Being able to switch energy provider via the app is a massive time-saver, but the rest of their projected “savings” are averages and you still need to do the leg work.

If you have more than 5 bills/regular payments in your household per month and want help managing these, but don’t need any more features, then Wonderbill will be a useful tool for you. If you want a more feature-rich, all-encompassing personal finance app to help you manage your finances then consider one of the newer fintech apps such as Plum or Cleo.

What is Wonderbill?

Wonderbill is a money app available on both iOS and Android that enables you to track your household bills and regular payments. You can link your bill provider to the app. Wonderbill then pulls through your bills and details such as the contract end date to help keep you on top of your bills. They also have features to compare the current deals on the market, which should hopefully save you some ££££.

It is worth flagging that Wonderbill are essentially owned by Shell. There might be some occasional promotions with Shell Energy, but Wonderbill will always give you the options for the wider market in their price comparison feature.

The kinds of bills you can track with Wonderbill:

  • energy
  • water
  • broadband
  • insurance
  • phone plan
  • gym
  • entertainment
  • tax
wonderbill app review - screenshot of the dashboard
wonderbill app review - deals tab
wonderbill app review - timeline screenshot

How does Wonderbill make money?

The app is free to download and use. Wonderbill makes money from commissions when you switch a provider via their app.


  • Connect bill providers directly to the app
  • Healthcheck notifies you when your contract is nearing an end, ready for renewal
  • Compare prices within the app for bills such as energy, broadband, insurance etc
  • Wonderbill manage a switch of provider
  • Add regular payments which aren’t variable such as rent or council tax
  • Timeline feature allows you to plan your cashflow to make sure you aren’t caught short when the bill is due

The Good

Aggregating bills in one place

When you set up the app for the first time, you can connect your bill provider to Wonderbill. The app then pulls through your bills, statements and payments as and when they are updated. This easily allows you to monitor your bills without having to log in to a thousand different providers each month.

Notifications when nearing the end of the contract

We all know that some easy savings can be made by making sure we compare prices on broadband, energy and insurance before we take out a new contract. But in reality, we all struggle to be so disciplined, letting the existing provider roll us over onto their standard plan. This normally means £££s in wasted money.

With Wonderbill, they will notify you when your contract is coming to an end. This should help prime you to start looking for a cheaper deal. For convenience, you can compare the market via the Wonderbill app too – ideal.

Wonderbill app review - healthcheck feature

Wonderbill manage any energy switch

If you decide to switch energy providers, Wonderbill manage this for you.

Timeline helps with managing your cashflow

If you have lots of bills coming out at various times of the month, it can be tricky to stay on top of your cashflow. With the “Timeline” feature in the Wonderbill app, you can see the expected payment date of each payment, allowing you to plan ahead. Making sure you have enough money in your account to stop bounced payments is another way to save money. Each bounced payment incurs fees, let alone any penalties being incurred by your utility provider (not to mention any impact on credit files).

The Bad

Not a fully-fledged spend tracker

If you are looking for a way to track your household spending, and to compare that spending against a budget, then Wonderbill may not be the best solution.

As you connect your provider and enter any fixed regular payments, you are not seeing a full picture of your spend. Even though this is a Wonderbill review, a more appropriate solution would be a budgeting and spend tracking app similar to the likes of Emma, Money Dashboard and Yolt. These apps even have some functionality to track regular payments like bills but don’t offer as much as Wonderbill in that area.

No contract end date log for manual bills

For any regular payments, you enter manually because you cannot (or don’t want to) connect your provider directly, you won’t be able to track the contract end date. Given this is one of the main uses of Wonderbill, this feels like an oversight.

Simple feature set

This is maybe a bit harsh as this is also a benefit in a way. For people looking to manage their bills and that is it, Wonderbill helps you marvellously. If you want an app that will help you get on top of your finances more holistically, however, then there are better alternatives out there. Due to this focussed use case, I would only recommend it to people who have a more complex setup with more than 5 regular bills/utility providers that they need to manage and stay on top of.

What are other people saying?

Wonderbill has achieved an average rating of 4.2 on Trustpilot at the time of writing with over 80 reviews. The positive reviews mention multiple times the convenience of having all bills in one place, as well as the ability to make savings. The negative reviews mention either the promotion of new providers that they consider to be excessive, or could not connect to their provider.

Wonderbill alternatives

If you’re looking for an energy switching service:

If you’re looking for budgeting and spend tracking apps, consider:

If you’re looking for a smart personal finance app that tracks your spending, helps you save money, and identifies ways to reduce your household bills, consider:

Conclusion: Wonderbill Review

For people who want to save time whilst managing their household’s bills, Wonderbill is a handy companion. Staying on top of your bills, the timing of the bills, and ensuring you check for cheaper alternatives can help your finances no end. For this, Wonderbill is a very useful tool.

If you don’t have many bills, or you’re looking for a budgeting app that tracks your spend, Wonderbill is not for you. In these cases, try checking out alternatives such as Emma or Money Dashboard.

I hope this Wonderbill review has been helpful! What are your impressions of Wonderbill? I’d love to find out if you saved any money from using the Wonderbill app, drop me a comment in the section below!

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