how to cancel graze subscription uk

How To Cancel Graze Subscription UK

Bored of your Graze boxes or want to try a competitor’s version? We get you. We’ve detailed the steps below on how to cancel your Graze subscription (for our UK readers).

How To Cancel Graze Subscription UK

In order to cancel your Graze subscription, you’ll need to:

  1. Log in to your Graze account
  2. Under “My Graze”, press “Manage my Box”
  3. Then choose “Cancel this box”
  4. The continue through the on-screen prompts until you get a cancellation confirmation cancellation of your ongoing deliveries

Can You Cancel Graze Subscription After Free Box?

Normally Graze has lots of introductory offers for new customers. Either you’ll get a free box on sign up or a heavily discounted box. If you’ve received your first introductory box but want to cancel your next ones, you can do that by following the steps above as there is no minimum contracted period.

What is Graze?

Graze offers a range of healthy snack subscription boxes that can fit through a letterbox, and so are a convenient way to get healthy snacks. You can select and customise the choices within your box too.

How To Stay On Top Of Your Subscriptions

As you are on this page, you must already be going through part of this process which is brilliant to see.

Running through your subscriptions on a regular basis is a great way to give your personal finances a spring clean.

Depending on how many subscriptions you have, you may be able to save hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds per year. For 30 mins of your time, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better return on time investment than that!

How to find all of your subscriptions

In order to find all of the subscriptions you are currently paying for, you can do it the manual way by downloading your bank statements and tagging up any transactions which repeat from month to month.

However, there is an easy way. And of course, there’s an app for that!

Download one of the top budgeting apps which can help speed this process up. Our favourites are Plum*, Snoop* and Emma*.

These apps connect to your bank account using the Open Banking API, and automatically categorise your transactions. They will also help to easily identify your monthly subscriptions.

Once you have this list, you can work through them and cancel any that you don’t use or don’t get enough value from to continue paying for.

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